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Providing full services as a Fayetteville mortgage lender, Springdale mortgage lender, Rogers mortgage lender & Bentonville mortgage lender. Other areas fully serviced as well.

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The items that we will eventually need (not necessary usually for an initial application or pre-qualification letter) are as follows:

Income Documentation

Most recent 30 days’ paystubs for each applicant

Most recent two years’ W-2s and (if you have any Sch E or Sch C income) federal income tax returns with all schedules and pages

Asset Documentation

Most recent 60 days’ statements for each asset account (checking, savings, retirement, etc.) – please be sure all pages are included, even the ones intentionally left blank – you’ll only need enough to show enough assets to qualify

Miscellaneous Items and Information

Driver’s license or an additional form of ID

Name and phone number of your insurance agent

Name and phone number of your realtor (if you are buying a home)

Sales contract with all pages (if you are buying a home)