Why Are Rates Not Going Up?

After a good hike in long-term rates during the second half of 2013, just about every analyst in the country seemed to be sure that this was just the first phase of rate increases to come. After all, rates were the lowest in a generation and the increase we witnessed […]

Crest Nest more after than before…

A follow up to a client’s recent project with great documentation showing before and after photos. We used standard financing for this but Simply Home Lending does offer a turnkey renovation program that allows up to 50% of the acquisition cost of the property to be reinvested as renovation money […]

Tips for improving your credit score…

While you may or may not be interested in refinancing or even entering home ownership, tips to improve one’s credit score are helpful across the board. An improved credit score does offer more leverage in any type of lending and is important for other aspects of living such as insurance, […]

Keeping an eye on inflation…

While some may consider this a sarcastic question…we have not had really high inflation in the United States for some time. For example, in the past twenty years the retail inflation rate has averaged approximately 2.25% with an even lower number for the past decade. Two points about this. First, […]

Down Payment Options In Today’s Market

A common misconception today with both experienced and new home buyers is that you’ll need a full 20% down payment to buy a home. This is not at all the case. Here are some options in today’s market for a smaller down payment. Conventional loans allow for as little as […]